I have been acting as an EASA Flight Crew Examiner since 2019 based on the following examiner categories & privileges on my Certificate no. HU.010396:: 



- LPA-English level 4

Since 2016 I hold a valid EASA/ICAO English Language Proficiency (ELP) Assessor/Rater Acceptance from the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA)(-s) of the following EASA/ICAO member state(s):

- Hungary - no. HU.010396  

Based  on the subjected examiner categories & privileges on  my EASA  Flight Crew Examiner Certificate  I hereby offer my services to conduct to following EASA flight tests/exams below: 

- assessements of competence (AoC) for the initial issue,revalidation or renewal of instructor-ratings for aeroplanes & TMG-s: IRI(A),FI(A)-FI,FI(A),CRI(A)-MEP(land),SEP(land),TMG;

assessements of competence (AoC) for the initial issue,revalidation or renewal of instructor-ratings for sailplanes & TMG-s: FI(S),FI(S)-FI,cloud-flying,TMG;

- skill-tests (ST) for initial issue or extension of licences: CPL(A),PPL(A) és LAPL(A) & SPL;

- skill-tests (ST) to extend SPL for TMG;

- skill-tests  (ST) for initial issue or extension of instrument-ratings: IR(A)/ME és IR(A)/SE into licences ATPL(A),CPL(A) or PPL(A);

- skill-tests (ST) for initial issue of cloud-flying rating into SPL licences;

- proficiency checks (PC) for extension of SPL licence for commercial operation;

- proficiency checks (PC) for the revalidation or renewal of class-ratings MEP(land)-, SEP(land) & TMG

- proficiency checks (PC) for the revalidation or renewal of instrument-ratings IR(A)/ME és IR(A)/SE into licences ATPL(A),CPL(A) or PPL(A) 

- proficiency checks (PC) for the revalidation or renewal of cloud-flying rating into SPL licences.

In case of the flight tests/exams being conducted in English language the EASA/ICAO ELP of Level 4 can be revalidated/renewed without any further solely language related exercises/tests upon the applicant's request.

I hereby offer my EASA/ICAO ELP assessor/rater services to obtain,revalidate or renew higher ELP levels too wich I am able to conduct the same day & place with any of the flight tests/exams above representing the Language Assessment Body (LAB) Central Tourist Ltd. (CTK) (HuCAA Acceptance Certificate no. 03/2018) as one of its two assessors/raters. For further details see: www.centralexam.com .

Besides of holders of PART-FCL licence holders of Hungary (HuCAA=ITM) I have already successfully conducted various type of exams/tests/checks  for licence holders of other EASA member states, such as: 

Austria,UK (before 31.12.2020),France,The Netherlands,Ireland,Norway,Sweden,Lithuania,Poland,Czech Republic,Slovenia,Italy,Spain.

Currently I am listed on the foreign examiners list of the following EASA member states' civil aviation authorities:

France (DGAC), Lithuania Slovakia. See the relevant links under "Contacts".

My examiner services on offer are to be conducted anywhere within the territory of the EASA Member States & - in case of all required conditions being met - even outside of the territory of the member states too.   

In case the flight tests/exams being conducted in the territory of Hungary I am able to provide the aeroplane for the exam in classes MEP(land), SEP(land) & TMG. For aeroplanes details to be found on www.skytaxi.hu , www.skyviewaviation.hu . For TMG-s &/or sailplanes  please contact me on my e-mail address.

My total accident & incident free flight experience till now consists of  17.161 hrs on aeroplanes  + 1.316 hrs on sailplanes/gliders, all together 18.477 hrs.

During my aviation career I have been acting as the CAA approved nominated postholder for flight opereations (chief pilot/director of flight operations) of 2 airline operator companies (AOC holders) & as the Head of Training (=HT) of one flight school (EASA ATO) & currently serving as a Compliance Manager (=CM) of another EASA ATO. 

As a pilot of aeroplanes my experince is 32 years of which 30 years as an instructor.

As a sailplane/glider pilot my experience is 43 years of which 37 years as an instructor.

My pilot licence has been continuously valid since 1982 & by now is an EASA Airline Transport Pilot Licence (EU ATPL) containing the following:

- type ratings: AIRBUS A330/350 + A320;

- class ratings: MEP(land) + SEP (land)+TMG;

- instructor ratings: TRI(AA330/350,-320 + IRI(A),FI(A)-FI,CRI(A)/ME,SE,TMG + FI(S)-FI,cloud-flying,TMG;

& my Hungarian national Ultra-Light Pilot Licence (ULPL) contains the following:

- rating: ULR;

- instructor rating: FI(UL).

I have been a holder of a continuously valid Aircraft Maintenance Licence since 1987 which is by now meets EASA PART-66 AML standards.

I have been acting as a forensic aviation expert too - registered in Hungary - since 1997 within the frames of my private enterpreneurship since 2005 on 13 of various fields of civil aviation.

For details see my web-sites: www.aeroexpert.hu & www.aeroexpert.eu